Traditional oriental medicinal brand Sanghwang Soo delivers gentlebeauty that contains the scent of our culture that has been passed down through generation. The crystals of loess solution full of minerals obtained through the traditional fumigation technique add glow and vitality to the skin, enhancing the grace and wisdom of beauty.

Brand story

The name of the brand signifies distinguishing properties of the legendary mushroom that brings life back to the dead, Sanghwang, the mushroom that is referred to as the king of mushrooms, and “five shades loess water solution”, the mineral crystals of traditional prescription.Beauty and harmony of the skin is balanced through non irritating oriental medicinal skin care using 100% Korean oriental medicinal herbs based on theories of oriental medicine prescribed for circulation and anti aging in the oriental medicinal text Dong Eui Bo Gam (Oriental Medicine Treasure Book) Sanghwang Soo is an oriental medicinal invigorating skin care line for stimulating skin’s circulation. It contains only the purest form of five shades loess solution obtained through the fumigation technique.

 ◆ Essential prescription of Sanghwang Soo (Joint development with International Oriental Medicine Research Center/Contains five shades of loess solution full of minerals) 

Sanghwang Jinguidan Rare and Precious Complex; Concentrated complex of oriental medicine using Phellinus Linteus Mycelium Extract, Lithospermum erythrorhizon, Carthamus tinctorius L(Safflower), Rosa davurica, licorice, Lycium chinence, Pine Needle, Dropwort and green tea.


※ Patent: Crude drug skin care compound with anti aging effects (No. 10-2008-0071234)
(Yang) effects: Fights external aging factors such as UV rays, anti inflammatory factors, and external reactive oxygen

Joint development with International Oriental Medicine Research Center of College of Oriental Medicine, Sangji University 
 CheongumdanThousand Gold Complex : Oriental Medicinal compound containing Angelica dahurica , Cnidii Rhizoma(Cnidium officinale), Solomon’s seal(Polygonatum odoratum var. pluriflorum), Moutan Cortex(Paeonia suffruticosa), Ginseng, Rehmannia Glutinosa Root, Trichosanthes Root, White poria(Poria cocas Wolf), and Nardostachyos Rhizoma(Nardostachys chinensis Batalin).


※ Patent: Anti aging cosmetic compound (No. 10-2008-0071236)

※ (Yin) effects: Skin recovery, improvement of circulation, and continuous regeneration of skin based on recovery of internal “Qi-blood”

Joint study with Oriental Medicine Bio Venture + Jeju Natural Materials Laboratory



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